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How to Play Pokies Like A Pro ?

Online casino slot machines, commonly known as pokies in New Zealand are deemed the most efficient means to boost your bankroll when it comes to internet based gambling. Online pokies are played by thousands, if not millions of New Zealand online gaming fans. Learn from our review how to play pokies at the best New Zealand casinos.    

Start with Free Play

As a beginner it’s always advisable you start playing online pokies via the free/demo mode before you can start wagering real money. Online free pokies are offered at all the top online casinos in New Zealand. Why the free mode? The demo mode enables you familiarize with the basics of the particular pokie game you wish to play and if the game is the one you prefer. Players in New Zealand can try out as many online pokies as they would wish without the risk of losing money.

How to Play Pokies for Real Money

Irrespective of which online casino you choose or the type of pokie you choose to play, online pokies work in a similar way. The only minor difference comes in the features of the pokie games. This is because each and every game provider has their own touch in design.

Bet Sizes and Paylines

Feel like you’re ready to play for real money? If so you can follow the steps below when playing:

1. The first step when playing online pokies is to choose your bet size. Then select the number of paylines you wish to play in a given pokie.

2. Next is to select how much you wish to wager on a particular line. The best online casinos will let you wager a coin range of between 1 and 100 per line.

3. Select the number of paylines or combination of symbols you’d wish to play across the reels. You can choose to bet on one payline or the maximum number of paylines available. Certain pokies normally have fixed paylines. In such situations then you just have to wager on the given paylines. The benefit of this, however, is that it can lead you to better wins.

The Paytable Option

To get valuable info on the pokie game you’ve chosen, hit the ‘paytable’ or ‘info’ link displayed on the screen. This option will enable you know the combination of symbols you should match and the payouts to expect. Also available will be the list of the game’s various symbols plus info on any bonus rounds the game might have.

Spinning the Reels
spinning the reels

After completing the steps above, the casino will now display you a screen full of pokie reels. The most popular pokies contain 3 vertical reels while the modern ones have 5. Normally, every reel will have 20-25 themed-symbols. The major aim for every pokie is hitting the winning combinations of symbols as the reels come to a halt after spinning them. In certain games, you have the opportunity to stop the reels yourself by hitting the ‘stop’ button. With the numerous symbols offered on each pokie, you always have a chance of winning.

Double-up your Winnings
double your winings

Immediately the reels on the pokie game stop and you’ve matched symbols, you can collect your winnings. Then again there are other real money pokies that will give you the chance to double-up your earnings. This is possible via the ‘Gamble’ button which will offer you a ‘red or black’ or ‘higher or lower’ card game. If you rightly predict what the card is, your win is doubled.

Online Pokies Features

Wild Symbol: this wild symbol makes a cool winning combination since it can stand in for other icons in the game.

Multipliers: these are symbols which multiply your winnings by a given amount.

Scatter Symbol: this symbol pays out for 2 or more symbols. Normally, 3 or more scatter symbols can activate a unique bonus feature or a cash prize for you to enjoy.

Bonus Rounds: these are the free spins the casino rewards you.

Pick’em Bonus: you can trigger this bonus rounds if you match 3 scatter symbols. This is where you win a cash prize or a unique bonus feature. Normally, a different window opens on the screen the moment this feature is activated. You’re then required to choose from a number of symbols and see your winnings.

Click Me Bonus: you can activate the click me bonus feature when you match 3 bonus symbols. Usually, 3 icons are shown on the reels, and all you’re required to do is click on any. An amazing cash prize will then be revealed.

Popular Pokies with Scatter Symbols

popular pokies

Types of Wild Symbols

types of wild symbols

Types of Multipliers in Online Pokies

types of multipliers in pokies

Volatility of Pokies

The term volatile as used in pokies basically relates to the extent of risk inherent to a particular game. It describes how frequent and how much you can expect to win when gaming. Certain pokies have long dry spells with rare big wins. On the other hand, these pokies can still feature a great number of huge wins in a short period. These are referred to as high volatility pokies. The contrary is true for low volatility pokies. You’ll often score winning paylines, but the payouts will be on the lesser side.

high volatilty pokies

High Volatility Pokies: Greater volatility equates to greater risk. Since payments, while bigger are rare and further between, at times you can end up hitting the ‘spin’ button, seeing your balance drop, with not much to show for it. That is, ’til everything perfectly lines up and bam! You’ve won a huge amount that made the dry spell worth it. This is normally common with bettors who prefer pokies that offer the chance for huge wins such as Book of Ra.

low volatility pokies

Low Volatility Pokies: On the reverse, lower volatility pokies equate to lower risk. The payouts here are smaller though more frequent. Small wins tend to happen every couple of spins, and the time goes since you’re diverted by the animations and bonus features. That’s not saying huge wins are impossible, they can also occur. It’s not just on a similar level as the wins on higher volatility pokies.

Pokies RTP, Return to Player

RTP tells you how much of the whole amount of money wagered on a given pokie you’ll receive over a period of time. RTP is expressed in percentages. The greater the percentage the more likely you can win over a lengthier period of time. A pokie’s RTP is established by the way the symbols are situated on the reels. Every online pokie has its own RTP, as does every online casino based on the average of RTPs of all their games.

RTP Explained

Let’s say the RTP on a given pokie is 90%. This implies for every $100 play in $1 bets, hypothetically, expect $90 back. Obviously, the real amounts massively differ, therefore a 90% RTP would imply that the house keeps an average of 10% of all cash played over time.

rtp - return to player

Pokies Quick Tips

✔ Establish your bankroll before you start gaming. After you’ve attained the limit, stop.

✔ Ensure you play maximum coins. Normally on pokies, the highest jackpot is much greater when playing max coins. Lower stakes bring about considerably lesser wins.

✔ Pokies are a game of luck and you have a better chance of winning when the payout percentages (RTP) are maximum.

✔ Play the single payline pokies. This is the best choice when gaming with a small bankroll.

The Best New Zealand Casinos to Play Pokies

Some of the top online casinos in New Zealand include:

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