What are Jackpot Pokies?

If you love playing pokies online, then you should have come across titles with jackpots. If you’ve ever wanted to understand what all this means, then you’re in the right place. Essentially, the jackpot in a pokie is the largest win possible that you can earn from one spin in the game. These jackpots are typically won after you hit a specific combination of game icons which mostly involve wilds. In most jackpot pokies, the amount you are required to wager is always more than a normal wager if your aim is to chase the big rewards.

As you spin the reels online, you’ll find that there are many types of jackpot pokies available out there. And that’s what we’ll look at in the remainder of today’s post. Here we go!

Static & Progressive Jackpots Pokies, What’s the Difference?

A static jackpot pokie is a pokie machine that comes with a fixed jackpot amount. The amount of jackpot on these pokies never changes no matter how long you take to land on it or how many players are enjoying the game. The reward will still be the same irrespective of how frequently or how many times it is won. A regular pokie could, for instance, come with a jackpot that’s worth 500x your initial stake. So, if you happen to win this jackpot, your initial stake will determine the size of your reward. Thus, if you had wagered NZ$0.5 per spin, you’ll receive NZ$250, and if your initial stake were worth NZ$100 per spin, you’d receive a cool NZ$50,000 in jackpot money!

Progressive jackpot pokies, on the other hand, are machines whose jackpots increase in value with every bet that players wager. These rewards are typically much larger than what you’ll find in the static jackpot games with the highest payouts going to highs of million-dollar rewards. After a lucky winner hits this jackpot, the machine resets, and the reward starts increasing all over again from a specific amount.

jackpot pokies

Different types of Progressive Jackpot Pokies

As you play in any Kiwi casino, you will come across different types of progressive jackpot titles. Here’s a quick look at these types and how they vary from one another;

Standalone Progressives

standalone progressives

Just like the name suggests, they are not connected to any other pokies in the lobby. Normally, as you play, there is a particular percentage that is normally taken out from the player’s bets and added to the eventual reward. In such games, you will find a meter at the front showing you the size of the jackpot as it keeps increasing. When it comes to the size of the reward, standalone jackpot pokies are usually characterized lower jackpot values compared to other progressive hits.

In-house Progressives

in house progressives

These are also referred to as proprietary, progressive machines and are typically a collection of pokies that are connected. They are typically owned and run by the casino itself. In these types of progressives pokies the rewards aren’t the multi-million sized payout, but if you’re lucky enough to hit the right combination, you can land a pretty substantial win.

And since that reward isn’t as big as most Kiwis would dream of, they are not as popular as the wide-area types, but there are a good number of people who still play them. According to professional pokie players, in-house progressive pokies offer you higher chances of winning because they are not so popular. Thus, if you’re yearning for a big win, then this is perhaps where you should start looking.

Wide Area Progressives

wide area progressives

Also known as networked progressive jackpots pokies, they are the types of machines that offer enormous prize amounts that often turn regular Kiwis into millionaires. They are all connected across different online casinos in both online and land-based platforms. As such, hundreds of thousands of gamers across the globe are usually participating in these titles at a go.

Usually, casino operators are responsible for regulating them, but they are developed by third-party software companies like Microgaming and IGT. The only downside of playing on these progressive pokies is that chances of landing a jackpot are minimal because they are linked up to so many online casinos. They are also the most popular types of pokies because of their multi-million-dollar reward sizes.

The Best Progressive Jackpot Pokies for Kiwis

Among all the software providers that serve New Zealand casinos, Microgaming offers the finest progressive jackpot titles. It is rare to find a casino lobby without progressive hits from this provider. If you are a Kiwi who is looking for titles that could turn you into an instant millionaire, here are the Microgaming pokies that you should try out. They come with both static and progressive jackpots where the static jackpots are accessible from the base game, and the progressives are triggered in the bonus game.

mega moolah
1.   Mega Moolah

This is one of the most popular progressive games ever produced by Microgaming. It boasts of paying out a record £13.1 million jackpot reward which is listed in the Guinness World Records as the largest payout earned in any pokie machine so far. In 2018 alone, Mega Moolah has already paid out its progressive jackpot seven times! The pokie is characterized by 25 payline with 5 reels, and the minimum bet you can place is 0.01 for each line. As you start spinning the reels, watch out for the wild animals prowling in the savanna since they are the ones that will earn you free spins, wild and scatter goodies plus the bonus jackpot game!

major millions
2. Major Millions

Here, there are 15 paylines in three and five-reel versions where the least amount that you can place on each line is 0.20 up to 3.00. It has great graphics customized by a military theme which is certainly awesome especially as since you’ll come across tanks and helicopters flying as you spin. To land on the massive progressive jackpot prize of the game, wager maximum bets per line and land the Major Millions icon on the fifteenth payline.

king cashalot
3. King Cashalot

It is a progressive pokie that comes with 5 reels and 9 paylines plus other gaming options available for players looking to have some fun. The minimum bet you can place can start at 0.05 and goes as high as 2.25 per line. The progressive jackpot of the game starts at 100,000, and it increases to over 1,000,000 depending on the frequency of play. Other than the money-spinning reward offered here, Kiwis love this title because of its super easy and enjoyable gameplay.

100% up to $1000T & C Apply
100% up to $1200T & C Apply
100% up to $1000T & C Apply
225% up to $8888T & C Apply

Advantages of Playing Jackpot Pokies

Some of the benefits that many Kiwis enjoy for playing online pokies with progressive jackpots are;

✔ The potential of winning millions of dollars at a go in enormous jackpots

✔ Several static jackpot rewards in the base game are also usually available

✔ They are exceptionally easy to play

 ✔ Jackpot pokies are fun and remarkably exciting because of the high stakes

✔ These titles are available in many different online casinos

✔ Interactive graphical features in the game make it hard for you to get bored

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions we get concerning the Jackpot Pokies include;

Where can I play jackpot pokies?

They are available in almost all online casinos in New Zealand, especially the ones that are powered by Microgaming.

Is it safe to play jackpot pokies?

Yes, licensed online casinos in New Zealand are safe and protected by heavy 128-bit SSL encryption. To be on the safe side, pick one of our recommended sites.

How do I get started?

Just visit one of the online casinos offering progressive pokies, sign up to the house and pick one of the jackpot pokies offered, then spin the reels and cross your fingers for luck!

What do I do if I am unable to withdraw any of my winnings?

Feel free to contact customer support of the casino you are playing in and get help

Can I play progressive jackpot pokies for free?

Unfortunately, you can’t play progressives for free, the only way you can enjoy them is when you’re ready to spend real money.